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 `Ne0's application

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PostSubject: `Ne0's application   Wed Oct 24, 2007 5:48 pm

Soldat information.
Soldat Name: `Ne0, Be* `Ne0 or Be* `Ne0 *eQ*
How long have you been playing: 9 months
Hours online: umm... Per day, maybe 3-4 hours.
Favorite game mode: CTF
Primary Favorite: Steyr AUG
Secondary Favorite: M72 LAW, Knife
Fav. Map: Ash, Cobra, Steel
Previous clan: (if any) |EN|, AoD, MR, NR, B&W, INF, *eQ* (team), Be* (team)

About You-
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Country: Canada
Other Games: None
Other Information: Only... i'm french. But i speak well in english Wink

Contact Information-(Must have aim or xfire)
Email: Sport_boy29@hotmail.com or th3m4st3rg4m3r@hotmail.com
AIM: None
MSN: Sport_boy29@hotmail.com
IRC: When i'm online, i'm mostly there: #wb.soldat @ Quakenet
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PostSubject: Re: `Ne0's application   Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:06 am

your gonna need ro get xfire or aim. once you get one i will try you out (perferbly xfire)
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`Ne0's application
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